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Re: What To Do? A KLR Quandary.

Here's what I like about my KLR:
- low seat hight (I have a 30" inseam)
- somewhat lightweight (I'm 165lbs)
- nice off road manners
- cheap, reliable & easy to maintain
Don't think I EVER heard the KLR described as "light weight". It has GOT to be the heaviest DP bike EVER sold. I guess that's a relative thing if you think a BMW GS is a DP bike. I don't delude myself that the KLR is a great dirt bike. No, a CRF450F is a decent dirt bike, but I can't ride a CRF450F 300 miles on the highway. Even a XR650L can't lay claim to the KLR's comfort on the highway. The KLR is a comfy dual sport. As an adventure tourer, it's light and underpowered, but not as a dual sport. As a dual sport, it's heavy, it's a pig, but it does have it's uses both on and off the pavement. It ain't a cow trailer, though. But, ridden well, it can go off road so long as it don't get ridiculous. The roads in Big Bend I've done on a R5 Yamaha street bike. That's not tough off roading IMHO. That is well within the KLR's capabilities.
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