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Re: What To Do? A KLR Quandary.

Originally Posted by Moekazi View Post
Buy a different bike. Preferably one designed in the last two decades. A Versys/WeeStrom with knobbies will prolly get you anywhere a KLR will and work better on the highway, too. If you want something more dirt oriented, visit a KTM or Husky dealer. They both offer motorcycles light years ahead of the KLR for less than $9k.
This is the whole quandary though. My Wife owns a Versys, and I own a Strom (albeit a 1000 not a 650) and neither one will TOUCH a KLR in the dirt. So when you get better road manners you will lose dirt prowess. The same when you buy the new, cool looking KTM or Husky. They are much better than the KLR in the dirt but can't touch it on the street.

Nevermind.... just go buy something, that'll fix all your problems.
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