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Re: What To Do? A KLR Quandary.

Originally Posted by Red Brown View Post
...even a grandma can pick up a fallen Goldwing!

Picking up a fallen Goldwing - YouTube

The morale of the story is don't fall if possible.
Sure under ideal circumstances. Now have Grandma or even a bodybuilder try that in a mud hole or in deep sand. Not that easy. My old gen DR650 probably tips the scales at over 400lbs fully loaded. By the third time I picked that bike up in the dirt I was spent for the day. It is a compounding issue, go down once and then getting it back up tires you out some making you ride sloppier and easier to crash the next time, rinse and repeat until your lucky to get the bike back upright again. Now this is talking about riding single track like SHNF which beats you up quite a bit more on a big bike than the type of riding at BB and such.

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