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Re: Photo Assignment #192 - "Texas Strong" (ENTRY) Due 10-16-17

Thanks all. I was a fun shoot. I had not been to the Capitol since I was a kid. Lots of subjects. It would be a great place for a photo walk.
I have seen a close up image of the lady on top. And your right, she’s not what most would call a Venus. I have heard that her facial features were greatly exaggerated in order for some detail to be seen when she is viewed from way below.
It is a single image shot from a tripod. I was really lucky to be able to get everything in the frame with the 11mm. I shot it with a Canon M3. A great little camera that fits a tight budget and great size and weight for the tank bag. Just as long as your subject is not moving �� the AF system is not that great.
Scott is right, that location produces a good image. I was just lucky to be there at the right time.
I'll try to get the next assignment up before the weekend.
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