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Re: Another Saturday Ride

Steve I think you would have liked it. It turned out good and bad. The good, great weather, low water crossing on Chambers Creek was passable, found some great 1 lane paved county roads and 1 lane sand, clay, dirt roads. Beautiful scenery after getting off 287 south of Cayuga. Ran the back roads into Palestine. Nice FM's and 2 lane CR's and few dirt and/or gravel. The bad, I was within 10 miles of Mission Tejas SP on CR1865, sign says "bridge out" sure as **** bridge is under construction. Stop there, take a leak, drink a bunch of water, check the phone. Get back on bike, backtrack up gravel road. Hmm something feels squirrelly. Yep you got it. A flat. A large 16 penny nail. Unload all the necessary items to remove the nail, string plug the tire, inflate said tire. Load everything back. Not trusting a plug much, I called it a day a beelined back. However I did cut back thru Emhouse and caught that low water crossing again. Dang I like that big GSA. I'm definitely up for this route again, so much to see. Maybe dirt around Corsicana/Richland Chambers to miss that 30 miles of 287.
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