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Re: Need vs. do you handle it?

Originally Posted by Morgan Buchanan View Post
So... I WANT a new bike. More specifically, I want another bike. I don't want to get ride of the bike I have.

I have a 1400 Concours and I love it. I WANT a ZX-6R. I've never owned a small light sport bike, and I think it'd be a hoot and a half.

But. LOL

I haven't ridden as many miles the last two years as I'd like. I feel like I WILL be able to ride a lot more this year than last. But I'd be sorely disappointed in myself if I got it and then rode only as many miles this year as I did last.

How do you go about making the "right" decision for YOU when faced with a dilemma? I'm not asking anyone what *I* should do. LOL I'm just asking for perspectives to help me set my mind. I literally talk myself in and out of it over and over. Yesterday was my birthday and it would have been a terrific birthday present to myself. LOL
there is no dilemma on what to buy if the money was earned through honest legal means. good luck and enjoy the new bike. (instead of a sport bike, i got a DR650)
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