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Re: Need vs. do you handle it?

I'm wrestling with it now. I want a sport or sporty bike, like a 600-750. A plated dirt bike, like a KLR or DRZ. A bare bones cruiser type bike, like an S40 or 883. And one of these. And one of those. And... Yeah. But I'm really wanting an S40, right now. I dunno. I've just been wanting a thumper for years, just not as my only bike. The S40 only makes around 41 horsepower, and it's kind of small overall.

Thing is, I don't want to pay for a second bike. We have no vehicle payments right now. That's nice. I don't want to see our savings number go any direction but up. My truck has 279,000 miles, the AC is out, the back sliding glass is plexi, the headliner is gone, the CD player broke, and sometimes it makes a funny noise. So, pretty much its well broke in at this point. But how long before it's just broke? Second bike money would make a good down payment or more on the next truck. Then there was the S10 debacle. I just got rid of that albatross.

Meh. N+1.
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