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Re: Good Times at the Big Bend Open Road Race

Originally Posted by Tim Kreitz View Post
The BBORR is always a lot of fun. We had the WTORR (West Texas Open Road Race) near Midland a few years ago, but it caused a lot of controversy and was never held again. IIRC, the winning unlimited car averaged something like 205 miles per hour.

Motorcycles, for a variety of reasons, are not allowed to participate.
You'll be pleased to know a promotor is working on another West Texas Open Road Race to run from Marfa to Presidio in October. If Dabney does the timing, I'll probably be there, too.

Originally Posted by poser View Post
do they let bikes run in this?
No. It's pretty car-centric. Somebody want to start an open-road race for bikes? I describe myself as their token biker. I tell them I hang out with biker-trash all the time, so I thought I'd come to the race and hang with the car-trash, instead.
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