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Dainese & Shoei New Gear For Sale

Howdy, all.

First posting here (although I've been lurking for years), sorry it's a For Sale posting. I've been working overseas for the past number of years and now need to part with some of this gear that's been collecting dust in my closet. This stuff was purchased directly from the Dainese store in Southern California (other than the lid) and has been unused (as in 'not worn') other than while it trying on for proper sizing. The actual price paid is shown on the tags for the suit and jacket, I'm still sorting through my receipt box for receipts for what I paid for the rest (the boots were between $400-500). Nonetheless, this stuff needs to go to a new home...and get worn! Please let me know if you're interested in anything here, PM is OK as well as post replys. I've been trying to determine how much to ask for each item but it's always difficult finding that split between what you want (based on what you paid for it) and what it will actually sell for. Anyway, if you're interested in anything here please shoot me a REASONABLE offer and we can discuss. To put things into perspective, I"m hoping to get around '40 cents on the dollar' for what I initially paid thus the jacket would be in the mid-300s and the suit in the 700-800 range. That being said, please have a look at the photos and let me know what you think(I've posted them as PDF files to keep relevant photos together and the file sizes low). There's one catch...I'll be departing again in the middle of next week so if you're interested in something we will need to sort out our business in the Austin area by next Tuesday the 16th (I will be in Dallas for the day on the 15th).

Thanks for having a look, please shoot me a message if you have any questions regarding.

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