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Re: Any places to ride West of Austin

Originally Posted by mf01 View Post
I'm thinking about getting a dirt bike. I've had two road bikes and one dual sport bike in the 2000s. I'd like to ride again, but don't want to ride on the roads. Are there any places that are easy to drop in and ride West of Austin? I live near Bee Cave. I'd like to do some basic trail riding, but the only thing I've found is Hidden Falls.
I'd offer some advice for you. You could get a dirtbike, sure, but if you want to ride with others and go lots of places maybe what you are really wanting is a dual sport bike? Consider that as an idea, maybe something you can ride to your dirty locations and keep on going? Sure you can get a dirt bike street legal and do the same thing, but just wanting to toss that idea in your pocket, and then you can not only go to dirt locations, but you can enjoy all the roads getting there.... Down in that area you could get yourself a Butler map from Mr2Much and ride all the back roads and you'll never need to go to an offroad park at all..

Your choice in the grand scheme.
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