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Re: Any places to ride West of Austin

Since the original post was from 2014 and the individual only has 13 posts total.... i'm guessing the knowledge shared by the group here will be lost on him... but, hopefully will benefit others.

Dirt biking and Dual sporting are 2 very different things - with some overlap somewhere in the middle of the Venn Diagram. You can do both with either type of bike, but you'll have a lot more fun on the right bike for the right job. Then again, the best bike for the job is usually the one you have/show up with.

There are places around that are totally worth throwing the dirt bike in the back of the truck and driving to - we do it a LOT. You would probably not have as much fun at these places on a real dual sport (speaking from personal experience), but I bet most could get through it - albeit quite winded in the tougher sections.

CTOR - everything from mild to wild (well, as wild as most people that need to show up to work on monday care to get - in my experience)
Emma Long - technically challenging, but nothing that the average mild-aged, half out of shape guy can't do (with a few weekends of practice.. helps to have somebody show you as well)
Hidden Falls - lots of options - ride dirt roads to single track to bombing down the jeep climps/ledges
Ranches in the Bastrop area - AMSA puts on rides (usually once a month) at ranches mostly out that way (mostly easy single track with a few obstacles and pretty flowy stuff)

There are also good dirt roads that are fun to ride out to. Personally, riding a "real" dirt bike on the street/basic dirt roads for any real distance (again this is just me) is akin to the idea of sitting in rush hour traffic in a Lambo... unless you go the Sumo route and set it up for it. (i.e. What the heck am I doing here? my butt hurts!)

We can't all have everything, so If you need to pick one - decide what you want to do more - and buy that type of bike, then figure out how to make it work for the other.

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