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Re: Air compressor woes

I have 2 60 gallon single stage (?) compressors linked together. Both are about 20 years old. One a Porter-Cable bought at Lowes the other a Devilbiss. One is 7hp the other 6.5. They are both twin cylinder and could be 2 stage, possibly ported inside the head, but I doubt it. They are linked via air lines but can run separately electrically. I typically just run one at a time, but use both tanks. The volume is the key as far as I'm concerned. With just one running it doesn't cycle as often, but yes it will run longer to get the 120 gallons full. If I'm really using a lot of air like blowing something off Ill run both at the same time. They are both rated around 12cfm. I paid like $300 for the porter-Cable at Lowes. I inherited the Devilbiss.
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