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Re: 72 DT250 kind-of restore.

It's been a while.

I've acquired a couple of other steeds, but this one is still the one closest to me.

In the process of getting a bonded title for it.

Most recently i've hooked up and sorted out all of the lighting gremlins.
4 led blinkers (mostly sort of period correct) LED tail light (off a dt175 sadly. not a perfect fit) and an LED headlight retrofit. I'm waiting for a part from to convert the AC power to the headlight to 12v dc. They sell just the thing.

Bike runs great!

I need a front fender and i need to repair the seat pan.

my plan for the seat pan is to make a mold of the original one from fiberglass and make a sturdy reproduction out of carbon fiber. I like to make things harder than they need to be...

starts on the 2nd kick. idles. Pulls itself down the road. Handles just fine, shifts through all the gears.

Some small other stuff needs working out like the high beam indicator bulb, gauge illumination lights, an a broken bolt on the exhaust shield.

But it runs. In all of its banged up, unrestored, tarnished, 44 year old glory.


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