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Re: Recommend me a new ride

Originally Posted by klb1122 View Post
My vote:

She is a bit heavy, but she'll do everything you want and more. Decent leg room, you can drag a knee on it if so inclined, and there are luggage options if you want to go that route. The best thing is that not everyone and their momma have them, but there is a great website with lots of support. I'm not biased or anything though.
I like that a lot, but I don't think Jack's interested in my 636, and it looks like he's keeping it.

Originally Posted by bushwhacker View Post
I voted other.

I recommend something with long travel dual sport type suspension. On the street with the suspension set up properly they are the cadillac ride of the motorcycle world.

There are so many good ones.

I ride the BMW F800GS

There is also -

Ducati Multistrada

Triumph Tiger

BMW 1200GS

Suzuki V-Strom

and more.

Test ride a few and see how they feel.
Unfortunately, I think the only thing on that list that might be in my price range is the V-Strom. I've never been on one, but it doesn't seem like it's really what I'm looking for. My riding is all pavement, so I don't think I need any off-road capabilities, minimal as they may be.

Here is the list I sent my insurance agent:
1. Yamaha FZ1 (2001-2005) 998cc
2. Yamaha FZ6 (2004-2008) 599cc
2. Honda VFR (1998-2001) 782cc
3. Kawasaki ZRX 1100 (1997-2000) 1052cc and ZRX1200 (2001-2005) 1164cc
4. Kawasaki ZZR1200 (2002-2005) 1164cc

This morning I added two more:
5. Suzuki Bandit 1200S (1997-2006) 1157cc
6. Honda VTR1000F Superhawk (1997-2005) 996cc

I had forgotten all about the Superhawk. I remember sitting on one back around '03, but didn't actually ride it. I just remember being impressed with the leg room, fuel gauge, and sound. Most Hondas bore me to death, but that's one of the few that actually turns my crank. From what I hear, the range on them isn't the best, but otherwise folks seem to like them. Because they were relatively unchanged during their entire run, I should be able to get my hands on one cheap. Anybody have any personal experience with a Superhawk?
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