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Re: Recommend me a new ride

Just want to throw out the opinion of another 6'6" rider who has had alot of time riding my 07 (gen II) Yamaha FZ1.

It sounds like you want to get out of the full lean of a supersport but still want the power and performance of one. If you are looking for something that you can drag a knee on and flick around but do it sitting in an upright position, don't look at anything past an FZ1. Its got literbike roll on power all the time which is great for that 60 mile commute and lets you sit up without as much leg cramp and lean forward that puts pressure on your wrists.

I've had wrist surgery and broken ankles and heels so I wanted something that was comfortable because of previous injuries as well and loved the FZ1 because of it. I tried the R1 and other similar bikes but could not do it for long because of the riding position, the FZ1 gave me that R1 without the body aches.

The riding position is nice for us taller guys because our height lets us sit up in an even more upright position. I recently sold my FZ1 ONLY because I wanted to start dirt riding and bought an XR650L. However, if my surface desire had not changed I would have kept that FZ1 without a second consideration.

There are aftermarket full fairing kits available which I added to mine which gave it the supersport look if that is what you desire aswell as the added wind protection and aerodynamics we all desire as the tach continues to climb.

I can mostly speak for the Gen II FZ1 but I know the Gen I is very similar only carbed, a slightly less agressive riding position but not as sporty setup in suspension or uncorked power.

I really just loved having that truely sportbike power and handling capability all while sitting in a neutral riding position.
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