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Re: Recommend me a new ride

Originally Posted by WildWings View Post
Yeah, your list looks a lot like mine did. I ended up buy the sv1000, and it's great fun. The only other bike That I keep thinking about is a buell. Are they off your radar?

Anyway, I recommend the sv or Buell, but an fz1 otherwise. Do you think the VFR800 is too heavy? I don't know, I just heard they were heavier. But that single side swing arm is hot.
Buells are not off my list, but my preference would be for a Uly, and all of those seem to be out of my price range. Barring that, the XB12S may be a possibility, but then I'm back to my concern about wind protection.

I've never ridden a VFR, but I am a little reluctant. It seems to me that they would have the least favorable power/weight ratio on my list. More, though, is just the fact that it's a Honda. Nothing against Hondas- they are great bikes- but they've always just seemed a little boring to me. They do everything right, there just seems to be something missing for me. Of course, I'm sure one ride and I'd be singing a different tune.

For the time being, I'm gonna try out the Buell peg mod. I do think the time is coming for me to make a bike swap, but I'm in no huge hurry. I can be patient and wait for just the right bike to come along. Maybe I'll even get lucky and be able to buy another bike outright- I would like to keep the 636 as a backroad scratcher/track toy.
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