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Re: Friday Night Ice Cream Bikes, 6/8 7:15 PM

I guess for the good of the "Group" I should sacrific myself and do some Ice Cream Parlor exploration. For the Group of course.

There was a place in North Richland Hills that I used to take my kids too that had great ice cream sundaes. One of those "Trendy" places. The Marble Slab Creamory or something like that. I'll swing by there in the next few days and see if they are still there and digging out those great Sundaes.

There was another one called the "Purple Cow" but I can;t remember exackly where that was right now. On Harwood I think!

I know Southlake has a few also.

But, you'll have a hard time beatin Blue Bell..... Just getting your moneys worth will be the hardest part.

I'll report on my findings as I do the taste test. On the down low of course.

Lucky for me my wife doesn't read this Forum.


Anybody thought about having a build your own sundae ice cream party?
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