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How to include images in your posts


If you want to include images in your posts, you will first need to have the image online somewhere so that you can link to the image. There are numerous hosting services like:,,,, etc,... You can also make a small donation to the site and have access to the TWT Photo Gallery. Once you have the image online, there are two ways to use it.

First is the URL tag.

{url=}Description of Picture{/url}

For example: This is the clickable text description for a link to a banner image

You can also use the IMG tag like this:


For example:

In both cases, when you actually do this, replace the {} with [] so that the BBCODE actually does what it should. I had to use the {} for display purposes here.

The first method [url=...] will display a link to the picture and when clicked, it will open a new browser window with the image in it. The second method [img] will actually show the picture in your post here. If you use the IMG tag, please make sure the images are 550 pixels or less in width or it messes up the display of the forum threads. Use the URL tag if it is a big picture.

You can also use the attachment feature when posting. You may include up to five attachments per post. When you are in the post editor, look down under the editor window for the Manage Atachements button. Click this and then browse to the file on your computer and click Upload. Attachments will display at the end of your post. Only registered TWT members will be able to view the attachments.
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