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Re: Prayer for Zac Chapman

Updates from Jenny, Zac's mom from Monday night (from most recent to the older). Jenny, thank you so much for posting the updates here and on FB, I'm glad to help spread the word.

Midnight: Zac made it through the procedure. The drain is in place and his intracranial pressure is around 13. They want it below 20. Thanks for the prayers everyone. I'll keep you guys posted.

10:06pm: Just got off the phone with Fred, there is increased swelling in the brain and they have done a CT scan which has showed dilation of the ventricles from the last CT scan. They are taking Zac down to put back in a ventricular drain to remove excess spinal fluid. There are risks involved. If anyone is awake and reading this, please start praying for Zac.

8:31pm Please spread the word that my updates here are the most accurate. I call the nurses station directly and speak to them on every shift. It is hard for me to see the wrong information on another site. I know everyone means well, but I am getting this firsthand and not having it passed down to me by someone that may not have medical knowledge. Anyone may request to be a friend that wants info on Zac. God Bless!!!!

8:08pm I will keep everyone posted with updates here if my friend Yuliya can keep copying and pasting these to other sites. I would love to have Zac back home in Texas and close to family and friends, but if another location can meet his needs better, than another route could be taken. Please continue to pray for strength and guidance in all of the decisions that we must make in the days ahead, and complete healing for Zac.

8:03pm The facility was clean and now we know 3 people that work there. Fred spoke with a nurse case manager today in Virginia who mentioned a place in Atlanta Georgia that is well respected for spinal cord injured and traumatic brain injury patient care. I'm not sure what his thoughts are at this time other than we both want what is best for Zac.

7:59pm: Latest update on Zac is that he is about the same medically. He keeps battling a temperature that reaches 104 at its peak. His carbon dioxide levels are such that he has not met criteria for an attempt at weaning off the vent as of today. His level is too high, therefore he needs the vent to keep helping convert this into oxygen. I went to an LTAC in Ft. Worth today and was pleased.
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