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Re: Prayer for Zac Chapman

UPDATED Aug. 25 2pm:

2 pm: They have been able to cut the doseage of medicine in half that they are giving him to keep his blood pressure up. His blood pressure now is 103/61. Zac is still not considered stable, but he is better than last night and earlier this morning. As you can imagine this is so scary for all of us...things can change so fast from good to not so good. Please continue in prayer that God will completely heal Zac and that he will return to us fully restored.

2pm: Just got off the phone with Zac's nurse who stated that his intracranial pressure is still below 20. Zac is still showing swelling/increased fluid in his head. The neurosurgeons looked at his CT scan and feel that the darker areas are fluid and not areas of permanent brain damage. I like their thinking!! The only way to be sure of this would be to do an MRI, but they cannot due to his vent. drain.
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