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Re: Texas Ghost Towns: proposal

Originally Posted by MIKEYLIKESIT View Post
i was wanting to do a "towns with funny names" project and thats when i found out that most of them were ghost towns. so i thought, why not do a ghost town project and combine the two. i like the way yall think!!
Must be telepathic. I started a "towns with funny names" collection last year, too. (Energy and Indian Gap were first ones) With same observation; most are ghost towns.

My only objection to inclusion of towns that don't meet the ghost town criteria is 'funny' name is too subjective and relative. 'Energy' was an odd name to me, but may not be to everyone else. Yet it definitely meets the ghost town criteria. Other town names I consider odd, they are definitely not ghost towns. The ambiguity and loose characterization of towns with odd names might detract from the ghost town thread, which might be better as specific.

However, you might propose a category for places with odd names, which happens to be another interest of mine (in my insatiable curiosity bucket). For example, a certain county road -Coca-Cola Ranch Rd- is full of character, mystery and history. No one knows where the name originated (I've asked everyone I run into in that area), it's a sweet ride, and for three miles it runs right on the old Butterfield Stagecoach Trail as well as being part of the old (but later) Jacksboro-to-Gainesville Wagon Road.

So, that category could encompass towns, roads, landmarks (?). And be just as much, if not more, interesting. (btw -trivia moment here- the study of this is called 'ethnogeography'. That, too, is interesting )

How does that suggestion sound?
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