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Re: Texas Ghost Towns: proposal

Originally Posted by MIKEYLIKESIT View Post
Outstanding! Thanks for sharing this link. I've already read several of the stories, and so far this is my favorite:

Subject: Brazos Point
"The Old Man's Place"

My brother H.L. Stephenson and his wife Denise first took me to Brazos Point back in 1970. We all called it "The old mans place," for the old farmer who lived there. He ran a campground right on the river called Braden's Camp. It was just to the left as you passed over the bridge head'n toward Walnut Springs.

For three dollars you could camp all week (and probably not see anyone else). When I reached driving age it was a favorite destination of mine. I would take friends and camp all weekend or longer. Sometimes I'd take a date for a picnic there. It never failed. Everyone loved the old bridge, the river, and the old man's camp. I have slept under the bridge on a sand bar and made coffee from Brazos river water. I camped with friends and loved ones, some of whom are now gone or I have lost touch with. My best dog Buzzard loved it also. I could say to her "Wanna go to the river?" and she'd start danc'n. When we got there she'd run and play for hours, trying to bite us on the rear as we jumped in the water. I remember her plum tuckered out with a sunburn on the tip of her nose laying by the campfire.

We'd go every weekend during the summers, and sometimes we'd camp in winter. Buzzard and I went the most, just the two of us. Brazos Point has changed, the old man has passed on and his camp is no more. A new, ugly bridge has been built right beside the original. Buzzard has been gone for about 15 years now. I have my memory and lots of pictures and a rock that I carried up from the river floor when my wife and I were dating. It is in the shape of a triangle and must weigh well over 100lbs. It's right out the back door of my house for the last 25 years. I can place my hand on it and I'm almost there. - Don W. Stevenson, July 16, 2007


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