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Re: For Sale: 2004 Vstrom 1000

It gets about 185 miles before the bottom bar an the gas gauge starts flashing. The problems were only below 4000 rpm. It would chug and buck and generally run terribly. Typical lean condition for emissions. Well documented on stromtrooper.

My Ducati is actually worse, but harder to fix. It has a cat and the ecu runs closed cycle art low rpms. Screws up the fueling to the point that under about 3750 rpm in anything other than 1st and 2nd that the bike just shakes and barely accelerates. If you're in 3rd or 4th and roll on at 4000, there's a huge hit of power at 5000 when it switches of the closed cycle running. I'll fix it eventually. Just fat more costly than a PCV.

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