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2018 Mextrek #7, June 14th - 17th 2018

Adventure in Mexico is Just Around the Corner: June 14th to June 17th, 2018.

Come and join a group of adventurers in the magical mountains just south of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico for 4 days of great riding. Staying at a home base in the town of Galeana we will venture out on day rides to destinations and routes you wouldn't believe could still exist in these modern times. Following the adventures of TARA riders who mapped out these areas over the last 20 years you will surely have a great time. If you go all out and eat whatever you please, drink whatever you choose, and buy some souvenirs you will maybe spend $75 a day, less is you share a room with a buddy. The air is clean, the people are amazing and friendly, and the scenery is on par with anything you can find for 1000 miles in any direction.

This ride will be a warm one. The 120 mile ride to and from the mountains will be on the coastal plain, with highs around 90 or more. But in the mountains we'll see highs in the low 80's and lows in the 50's at night. Best perk of this time of year: 13 1/2 hours of daylight each day. So explore more, stop more, swim in cool waters more, and enjoy the balmy summertime in Mexico.

If anyone has questions please call me on my cell, Peter, 281-772-121 ONE

Payment of $25 covers a ride specific tee shirt, ride organization, amazing ride guides to help you on your journey, and a minimal donation to Deposits for cancellations up to May 14th will be refunded. After that, deposits will be forfeited but can be applied to future Mextreks.

Sending anther $25 to Trail Boss (Richard) gets you the indispensable Mextrek Ride Guide, a wealth of information about travel, planning, bike prep, road ratings, and maps and pictures with descriptions of daily ride routes matching the GPS tracks below. If you are a first timer I absolutely "demand" you buy a guide at least a month out so you can soak it all in before the trip. When I say, "Oh, we're doing the top of the world ride, wanna come?" I hope you have a basic idea of what that is. Truth is, no one does this, but it would be cool for riders to come with a basic knowledge of what is going on. The bonus is a beautiful book to sit on your coffee table or office desk daring your guests to ask, "Ugh, what is Mextrek".

Another donation ($25) directly to TWTEX ensures Scott maintains this wonderful website for another year and we have a way to continue these excursions until I am just too old to continue!

Google sign up:

Paypal address and direct email for any questions:

Complete your reservation, make paypal payment, and I'll add you to a list of riders, updated every so often, and you will start getting email updates on the ride via email.


Mextrek #7, 2018, June 14th to June 17th 2018. Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Wednesday, June 13th: Optional welcome dinner at Mambo's McAllen 6 - 11 PM

2017 Mambo-(nifica!)

Thursday June 14th

7 AM departure to Montemorelos in 2 to 4 groups of 10 riders or less.

Lunch stop in Montemorelos on the way down:

My group in 2017 Mextrek #6 taking in the beautiful views outside Montemorelos:

Waterfalls in wet times!

Friday June 15th and Saturday June 16th: 2 glorious day rides from Galeana to the nearby wonderful dual sport routes. Riders will self organize into ride groups.

Typical group ride out of Galeana:

A "trail" explored in 2017. Amazing discovery route:

Amazing scenery!

Flats being fixed under the pine trees 50 miles into the mountains.

Gassing up where there is no gas:

Typical dinner scene in Galeana:

Sunday June 17th: Riders will group up and ride back to Mission. Target return 3PM in Mission. Those needing to be at work Monday (AKA in bed in Texas on Sunday) should depart by 7AM.

I have dedicated the next 9 posts for updates on:

1. Attendees
2. Communications
3. GpS
4. Lodging
5. Border Safety
6. Permitting / Visa
7. Insurance, Medivac, Spot
8. Prior trip planning and reports

NEW FOR 2018: We will use the Whatsapp application to keep in touch as a group both before, during, and after the trip. Whatsapp requires only a wifi connection for group messaging, pictures, and video so it is perfect in Mexico. We used this on our 2017 trip and with probably 500+ group messages it is a great way to stay in touch with the riders on the group. As you register, or send me a note, I will add you to the whatsapp group "Mextrek Amigos".
It just keeps getting better and better

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