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Re: 2018 Mextrek #7, June 7th - 10th 2018

Communications: If you plan to come to Mextrek we expect you to come with a radio, a charger, and some type of speaker or ear piece in your helmet. Amazon is your friend on this one:

Basic radio: 4 watt / 1 watt: UV-5R V2 About $25, includes charger and earpiece. Programming cable not required.

Extra power model (NEW): 8 watt high power: BF-F9 V2 About $36 - 38 (Recommended radio for 2018 ride). Same as UV-5R otherwise

With varying degrees of success we utilized the mighty Baofeng UV5-R radios on Mextrek 2017. They are amazing. The feeling of security a ride leader has when he also has a designated sweep with radio is amazing. And when everyone on a group is equipped the ride leader has the ability to tailor speed as requested, assess difficulty of terrain on slower riders, point out side tracks and stops for items of interest. In short, communication while riding in a group is a whole new realm of riding connected. I'll do my best to lay out the little info I know on radios and add points as others chime in:

Basic: $25 radio, supplied headset: One ear in helmet has speaker. Microphone is clipped to chin bar. Talking is accomplished by pressing the push to talk button on microphone or on side of radio.

Pros: Cheap, easy, worked for me last year.

Cons: Hard to talk and ride. Sound clarity at speed lacking. One ear aches a lot. No earplug in that ear. Radio has to be charged every 10 hours or so.

Basic with push to talk: $25 radio, motorcycle mounted, handlebar mounted switch $25 , upgraded headset $25

Pros: Motorcycle can power radio. Talking is possible with both hands on bars. Increased sound clarity. Able to broadcast at highway speeds.

Cons: Riders becomes attached to bike with headphone cable

Full shebang: $25 radio. Push to talk button $25 Sena SMH10 bluetooth headset $160 Sena SR10 bluetooth 2 way transmitter $195 Baofeng to Sena cable $20

Pros: Hands and cable free 2 way communication using push to talk button on handlebar. Sena transmitter can also route music from your phone and GPS audio from your garmin, all seamlessly. So you are free to jam tunes, get turn by turn directions, and talk to everyone on e the ride with both hands on the bars.

Cons: $$$$$$$$$$$$$, charging up every night (10 hours max use), becoming "that guy", Sena not staying affixed to helmet mount, potential for crash damage
It just keeps getting better and better

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