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Re: THE TWTex XR400 Thread.

Originally Posted by thrill-billy85 View Post
If you're not married to the a-loop seat, tank, and shrouds, and want enough capacity to actually do some DS rides, that gear has a pretty high Street value on eBay.... Like $400+ to the right guy.
Good to know TB. I have the original seat and tank as well. The ALoop seat seems nice but on it I sit much higher than expected. I cannot sit flat footed. It seems like in technical terrain I would want to sit lower in the bike, but I'm not sure. I was expecting a lower seat height for some reason. Perhaps changing the rear shock will get me there.

Right now I'm just glad that I found a nice XR400. I have a few plans for modifications down the line. Mostly cockpit related, but I'm reading into other engine mods.
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