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Re: And so the adventure continues...

I slept soundly through the night, undisturbed by Milton's snoring in the other room in the shack.

At daybreak I decided to get dressed and explore the compound a bit more, this time with my camera in hand.

A short time later, Heriberto showed up and started chopping wood. There was an extra axe so after taking a picture of him, I grabbed the spare axe and helped him chop wood. As we chopped away, Cirilo and Frederico spotted us and chuckled, presumably at my rusty axe chopping skills. Milton remained mysteriously absent the entire time.

With our chopping complete, I joked to Cirilo that I was working to pay for breakfast but that since Milton hadn't done any work he shouldn't get any food.

The morning routine was in full swing shortly after Heriberto and I finished chopping wood. The chickens were fed corn, the dogs were walking about, Grandma was cooking again with the assistance of one of her granddaughters, and everyone else was doing what everyone else did each morning to prepare for the day.

Once again, they invited us to eat in Grandma's kitchen. Breakfast consisted of potatoes, frijoles, corn tortillas, and water. And, once again, the food was excellent but no one else would join us.

With our bellies full and bikes packed, Milton and I said our most grateful goodbyes. It was 8:45 am and I knew we would have to move with a sense of purpose the entire day in order to make it back to Austin today.

As we rode away I reflected on how a potentially uncomfortable situation had worked out so well. Once again, a little bit of that Milton Magic had come through for us, turning this into a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

I grabbed just two pictures as Milton and I rode the 1.5 hours to Aramberri. It's a long way to Austin and we don't have time for picture taking or dilly dallying...


Once in town, we linked up with Bob and Scott and shared our story with them. After that, we hauled butt toward the border but we were so far away that I didn't actually arrive home until about 2 am Tuesday morning, 20 hours after getting out of bed in Agua Fria. Which, as those that know him will attest, is pretty typical for a Milton ride.

In summary, it was a superb trip and I was really thankful for the opportunity to ride with these men again. I anxiously await the next one...

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