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Re: Recommend me a new ride

I vote for a first generation FZ1 (before 2006) due to it's more relaxed riding style than the second generation. You can pick one up on Craigslist for around $3,000. If you need added hard-cases, you might have to shop around for an FZ1 that already has those options. The only downside is it has carbs, so on really cold days or if it has not been ridden in some time, it make take a minute or so to fire up. Keeping Stabil or Sea Foam in the gas might help a little.

Here is a 2004 "Bee" FZ1 colored version with large GIVI racks with the after-market MRA Vario wind screen deflector. This wind deflector really improves the air-flow and greatly reduces helmet buffeting. The bike also has added highway pegs to improve leg comfort and an aftermarket seat (Corbin or Sargent option) for those really long days in the saddle.

The other option is a used FJR. There is the AE or automatic mode that is really nice for heavy commuting that limits the exessive use of throttle action in stop and go traffic. I test rode one a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised. The AE sales did not take off, so you can find them a a deep discount to MRSP.

Here is a silver FJR 2006 AE model in silver

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