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Re: Recommend me a new ride

Originally Posted by NPHLYT View Post
Do a Youtube search for "Yellow Wolf Goldwing" talk about prg-draggin.

I, personally, lean toward the ZRX/VMax end of the scale. I rode an '09 Vmax and was thrilled by it, but the price put me off of it. There are quite a few ZRX's for sale, and for a great price as well.
I did get to spend some time on a ZXR1200 at a Kawasaki factory event in Japan, but it was a 2010 model that they don't import here. As far as I know, the only real difference between that one and the ones here was that the one I rode was fuel-injected. It was a really brilliant bike and I loved riding it, but I never got it above about 40mph due to the really low speed limits on the island I was on. I have to wonder what kind of wind blast I would get on that thing at US highway speeds.

Red Brown, thanks for the FZ1 info. I've been really digging those lately and think that may be the direction to look. It seems like it will still have plenty of performance to keep me happy. I think I'll have to call my insurance guy and ask him what kind of rate changes I'd see with that VS my current ZX636R. It's higher displacement, but should be in a lower-risk category, so I would expect it to be cheaper.

I've never been on a Triumph Tiger (or any Triumph for that matter), but would love to throw a leg over one.

I really think I'm going to have to test-sit a bunch of these things and see what the ergos are like. The biggest issue for me right now is legroom. I might have to find a used bike dealer some weekend and go sit on as much stuff as I can find. Maybe I'll get lucky and find someone willing to do a straight-up trade for an FZ1 or something.
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