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Re: 2018 MexTrek #7, Oct 20th - 23rd 2018

GPS Tracks / Guidebooks:

If you haven't done so already please order one of Richard's awesome guidebooks and topo maps for the low price of $25. You order directly through Richard via PM on this forum: TrailBoss is his username.

You get info, general info, specific info, tips, maps, route descriptions with small maps, pictures, and all sorts of warm fuzzies and fuzzy mink glove good feelings after taking a day or two to fully digest the content.

And the rides in the linked GPX files match up to the rides in the guidebook perfectly, so there is very little guesswork deciding which routes to take.

And a little pro tip....downloading google earth onto your PC will allow you to preview a GPX file and see in great detail the route, topography, etc... if you are the type to preview what you are going to ride. Email with actual GPX files is going out to all registered participants in 3...2...1....

Thanks Richard for all the work on these files and the guidebook. They are awesome!!!!

Roamer worked on GPS tracks in 2017 prep. He writes:

• I created a MexTrek 2017 event in RideWithGPS and added the GPX files to the event (first link).

• You can make the routes available for offline use on the RideWithGPS iPhone/Android app - second link has instructions on how to do this.

• You might also consider downloading a map of the Galeana region for use when internet (cell access) is not available (third link).

If you find all this bewildering, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Edit: The helpful folks at RideWithGPS explained how to add a cuesheet with turn-by-turn instructions to each of the files. You might want to wait a few days for me to get this done before downloading for offline use.
It just keeps getting better and better

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