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Re: 2018 MexTrek #7, Oct 20th - 23rd 2018

Permit Information:

Personal Visa (FMM): 7 or 180 day. 7 is free. 180 costs $36. If staying over 7, or unsure, get 180 days.

Motorcycle TVIP: AKA, Permit for bike. Must have valid registration in your name (wife / mom / sister doesn't a family title, transfer $5, with state of TX), no lien or lease, with license plate # matching what is on the bike. Pay $40 fee and $200 - $400 deposit. Check out when you leave Mexico and get $200 - $400 deposit back.

Where: If you are the cautious type, get your TVIP and Visa in advance at the Austin or Houston consulate / Banjercito office. If you have time to get it the day before Mextrek at the border (office closes at 10PM) you can do it at Anzualdas Crossing (2 miles away) or 24 hours at McAllen crossing (10 miles away). Worst case, skip breakfast and get it at 6:30 AM the border office.

Caution: If you get it in advance and don't make the trip you will have to cancel it before the date it comes into effect at the office you got it from. Otherwise you'll have to make the trek to the border at some point to have it cancelled, as if you made the trip.

Duh: One bike per rider. No truck and trailer if the bike gets a TVIP. Without a TVIP you likely will not make it through the trip without some hassle, threat of bike impounding, bribes paid, and mental anguish, although it is possible.
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