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Re: Little different competition

Originally Posted by Hellwig View Post
what is the difference in a regular torcs and this? Shorter?
Yes sir, I've never done one of these so I could be a hair off but nothing like a TORCS race other than being on trails.

It will be 2 separate courses that you'll run 3 loops. You'll do one, get a drink, catch your breath and so on. All on the first course. Then there will be a second run on the other course, same format. Your score, "time" will be the total of all runs accumulated. Best thing is, this format is great for riding in the heat and second, there is not a group start, single rider at least 10 second apart.

My understanding, one course fast and open, the other more technical. I'm thinking 5-8 minute laps, but definitely not sure about that.

Hope this helps.
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