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Re: 2017 F700GS

~1000 miles with the Delkevic exhaust and I got curious if it did more than just change my sound.
I read a lot about vibrations I don't seem to feel.
So this Sunday I did a quick swap back to the stock exhaust.
The mechanical engine noise seemed different actually "tighter" or "quieter" would come to mind, I drove to work Monday and it was a different ride, but if exhaust had any effect on fueling I'd have to give the motronic some time to adapt.
On my way home I was sure it was vibrating a lot more but hey, commute isn't long so no need to conclude anything.
Tuesday on way to work, vibrations increase.
Tuesday on way home from work I realize I have to cut the test short, I just can't stand giving up what I had gotten used to over the past ~1000miles.
It's not just the vibrations, it's the going slow behind people in traffic, I can stay a gear higher where with stock exhaust I'd have to shift down to avoid that rattling your bike does to let you know if you don't shift soon it considers lugging.
So Tuesday I let the bike cool down over dinner and did a swap back to the Delkevic can and I'm happy to report it's back to its "normal self" (what I call normal now)

So something I spent a little money on, solely for a more attractive sound, has a very beneficial side effect of letting me ride with fewer vibrations?
I'll take it.

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