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Re: 3 Medina County 250 Adventure Motorcycle Ride - Saturday, 1/20/18-Castroville, Te

Originally Posted by StromXTc View Post
Sander...i have downloaded the .kml file you have supplied , and I can view it in my google maps app on my phone (thanks).. my question is, will this run as a real time navigation track, or is it only intended to be viewed as a map only.

I have a Garmin but it's an old cheapie and I can't upload .gpx files to it. (On the purchase list)

Thanks Brian

Hopefully someone with more knowledge that I can help. I went to google maps and uploaded the GPX to get the map. I don't know about functionality after that other interactivity on the computer screen.

I just use the GPX for my old Garmin 76CSx. I don't have any experience with KMLs, someone asked for it one time so I include the availability each time.

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