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THE TWTex XR400 Thread.

Originally Posted by Kilroy View Post
Carb cleaned and reconnected, still no go. Best I get is a super loud pop followed by some smoke from the exhaust.
That sounds like symptom of a valve slightly open, check your manual compression lever/cable tension and adjustment for smooth operation. You may have an exhaust valve hanging open.

When you removed the pilot jet, Could you see daylight through it?
You said it ran for a few seconds then pops on subsequent attempts to start it - so we can assume spark.
So if you got a fresh plug, fresh gas, clean carb. It should start.

Some will cringe here but try a shot of starter fluid into back of carb. (Probably best to remove air filter cause if it pops back - as in tight or open intake valve - it may catch filter on fire with fluid) so be ready for that!!

Otherwise you may need to dig deeper and check compression, check valve adjustment.

Fuel, compression, spark - it should start!

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