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1. I met Bob through email when I asked some ( A BUNCH OF ) questions about reparing a lot of plastic on a damaged bike for sale on eBAY. The quality of his response even though I didn't wind up buying that bike is what convinced me that he was "good people" even if he does live up there in that "part of the country".

2. This response on TWT only solidifies my intent to do business with him in the event I need it in the future.

3. I like dealing with smart business people, and especially those who are web-savvy enough to use their logs to their marketing advantage (even on a holiday weekend).

4. As to his sig line, check out some of the "squid" videos he hosts on his site. By the way Bob, a couple of the videos are duplicated. I think Double Yellow comes up when you try to get the very first one on the list.

5. Bob, thanks for the discount offer. That is very kind of you.

6. I want to remove the Kawasaki emblems from the sides of my tank when the bike arrives. I understand that some dental floss used in a sawing motion between the emblem and the tank will work, and then some Goo-Gone will clean up the adhesive. But I'm thinking of moving the emblem to the bodywork somewhere. What adhesive should I get to keep them in place once I move them?
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