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(even on a holiday weekend)
Huh? Not for me...

Well, I have a job I want him to estimate - I'll try to get everything together tonight. Sounds like the safest bet.

Here is the condition of our GSXR parts (4 plastic pieces):

front cowl - damaged, cracked, pieces missing - will get a new one.

right side - cracked - looks like it could be set in place & reinforced from the back - it is big & I am afraid to ship it - will do the repair.

left side - in 3 pieces - horribly scratched - took the brunt of the sliding.

rear cowl - scratched, one tab broken off - this is the one I think I want good ole Bob to do.

In the process of taking & cropping pics...
(added links to pics - they are big, tho)
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