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Re: Where do people find the cheap bikes?

Originally Posted by blupupher View Post
So I have been looking around on craigslist for a sub $1000 (actually closer to $500) bike for my 15 yr old daughter to learn to ride on.
A street legal (or able to be street legal) bike, 500cc or less. Cosmetic not important, just something that works. No real preference for street, cruiser, dual sport etc.

Everything I find for <$1000 is a parts bike or "project" bike. Or no/lost title, flooded or just sketchy overall.
Maybe is it just around Houston it is like this. I have searched areas within 200 miles of me though.
I could handle something that just needs some basic work (carb work or tires or such), but not something that needs a rebuild.
Things I look at (the Rebel 250, Suzuki TU/GZ etc) are $2000+, even for 20 year old bikes.

I always hear about the great deals people find, but not sure where they find them. I don't really know where else to look besides craigslist and cycle-trader (way overpriced). Any other suggestions?

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I have seen a few good deals for sale here, but at the time I was not really looking to buy, but nothing lately, is it just the time of year?

This is something of what I am looking for, just not that big.
Or should I buy this, fix and flip it ?
How about a Suzuki 650 Savage? I think I might know where one is with that might just fit your requirements. I believe it has between 1500-1800 miles on it. The fellow got it in trade and just put it in the garage and left it. It is nice shape, just set up for a while. I rode it down the block and it did well. I will call him tonight and check up on it.
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