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Originally Posted by woodsguy View Post
If you have multiple bike disease: (copied)
We need a 12 step program. Here goes: 1. See a cool bike. 2. Buy that bike. 3. Ride and love the bike. 4. Try to cram one more bike in your garage. 5. Wife comes to garage and notices that there is an additional bike. 6. Try (sorta hard) to sell one of your bikes. 7. Find it impossible to part with one of your babies. 8. Rationalize why you need all of these bikes. 9. Convince your wife this is actually a rational way of thinking about it. 10. Fail at #9. 11. Realize that your wife is THE BEST! for putting up with you. 12. Ride, ride, ride.
So true...

I have had bikes that took FOREVER to sell... But I was trying

I hate letting a bike go... I get all emotionally attached to them after we go through so many incredible experiences together
Scott Friday

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