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Re: What is your experience with Rekluse Auto Clutches?

I put the Rekluse Clutch on my KTM 950 Super Enduro. If your looking for a hot rod dirt bike then the 950SE is the bike for you. If your looking for a bike that fits because your 6'8" and 40" inseam,then the 950SE is it. I personally bought the 950SE because it fit my size. I didn't buy it for the power. It is almost impossible to put the 950's power down on a technical trail in it's stock configuration. That's why I put the Rekluse clutch in a 100+hp dirt bike. It totally changed the way the bike handles at low speed. If someone built a 350/450 dirt bike the size of the 950SE, I'd buy it. I also had to redo the suspension because it was way too rough on rocky single tracks. I've got the 950SE just about perfect now. It can handle slow technical terrain and still blast across the desert at 125+ mph if you need to go that fast ! ! !
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When your 6'8" with a 40" inseam, it's hard to find a bike that fits ! ! !
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