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Re: What is your experience with Rekluse Auto Clutches?

Originally Posted by ekms377 View Post
I have had 2 of them.......but doubt I'd ever go back. I guess it would depend on what I was riding on and what terrain about 90% of the time. Even though at times I get clutch arm pump, I like having total control over the clutch. Most of the time, it is not ever needed. Does it make it easier.....yes. Does it make you a better Does it make you look like a better rider.....yes. Again, personal preference.
No gadget will make you a better rider and that's not the point here. The point of the Rekluse is to allow the rider to concentrate more on the line of technical terrain and less on clutch/RPM. The only way to become a "better" rider it time and experience. People can take every course known and put every gadget on their bike, but if you don't get out there and put in the seat time to gain the experience, it won't matter. There are a crap load of arm chair "professional" riders out there giving bad advice ! ! ! Get outside, dust off and fire up the old bike and ride ! ! !
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