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Re: Breaking News: AMA National Hare And Hound Coming To West Texas

Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
You won't have to worry about getting roosted by the Pros, as they start first in their own wave. We are figuring out the course still, but nothing will be a loop in the sense that you have to complete multiple circuits. So, no worries about getting lapped either.

Some classes do not ride the full race distance, I know the over 60 and 70, not sure about some of the C classes. All the Mini (kids) classes with be on the 10th (they all ride short distances) and the adult classes on Sunday the 11th.

Full race distance has to be 78 miles at a minimum and no limit max distance. Ours will be set up as out and back loops returning to the same spot. I don't think we will have to have any loop ridden more than once. I figure we will end up with two loops close to 40 miles each, but we may throw a third short loop in depending on the total distance we come up with. Work in progress. First we have to get the Enduro all set up and mileaged and then we can see how we are going to run the H&H.

My worker group is almost finished with a new 25 mile loop. We should be done marking it this weekend. We started back before Thanksgiving. It will be part of the Saturday Enduro, and also part of the H&H the next weekend.
Well if I cant get lapped how will I see how the big guys roll
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