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Re: Texas Ghost Towns: proposal

My buddy Griff and I went on a little (375 mile) ride two Saturdays ago with the intent of riding to a few ghost towns. We did a large loop that took us to 13 ghost towns. We started wat down south at Poe Prairie and went clear up to Spanish Fort. I'll break the trip into several posts. I was on my Strom 1000 and Griff was on his ancient R80. Is was FREAKIN' COLD that day. I kinda felt sorry for Griff (better him than me!), having no wind protection. I was a long day in the saddle but we found a few pretty fun roads in the process of hunting for ghosts and it was a really fun day. We were both pretty tired after 375 miles.

Poe Prairie, TX
The first stop was Poe Praire. There's nothing left of Poe Praire except the cemetary. Throught the day, we found this to be the case more often than not.

At this first stop was when I discovered that, although I brought my camera, I left the memory card AND the battery at home.

Griff was left to be our sole photographer for the trip.
We found a whole bunch of these "Woodmen of the World" memorials. they're pretty cool looking.

Toto, TX
Toto looked a lot like Poe Praire. Nothing but the cemetary left, execpt there is still a church here, too.

Apparently, they prefer that you let someone know before you plant someone here.

More of the "Woodmen" markers.

The only sign of life in Toto.

They were very friendly. I think they were disappointed that I didn't bring food.

Cartersville, TX
Third stop was Cartersville. This one was pay dirt! We rode right by it the first time and almost missed it on the back track. This is the kind of ghost town that's actually fun to check out. there isn't much there, but there is a lot of information posted.

All that's left is a small house, the meetin' hall, and an outhouse.

The outhouse still works.

And here's Main Street!

Last guy in the county to be killed by Indians... a somewhat dubious honor.

More to come later.
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