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Re: More Texas Ghost Towns: Hadacol Corners, Best, and Texon

Originally Posted by Windmill View Post
Enjoyed video, thanks.
My pleasure and much appreciated. I love making these far West Texas vids, especially when I've found a ghost town.

Originally Posted by xcaliber View Post
Enjoyed the video. To answer your question about Esso stations. My Dad owned two Enco stations in the 60's in the Killeen-Harker Heights area.I worked there as a teenager. Esso was east of the Mississippi and Enco was west. Sometime around 1966-67(best as I remember) they combined the names and changed them to Exxon.
Thanks for the info. I've had lots of people explain the Exxon connection in the comments of the vid, but this is the most concise explanation yet. The main thing I remember about Esso is that it's where Wyatt and Billy stopped for fuel in Easy Rider.

Originally Posted by Windmill View Post
Slim Willet wrote a song Hadacol Corners kind of catchy tune.
Yes, it's a neat tune, and the stuff of legend out here in the Permian Basin. I was gonna use it in the video, but the rights are currently owned by Sony/ATV music, and I didn't want to risk a copyright strike or revenue sharing:

Originally Posted by xcaliber View Post
Love historical stuff so I looked up these towns. Hadacol Corners had a bordello in the back of the restaurant and Texon was home to the Texon Oilers, a semi-pro baseball team. Maybe you discovered their home field!
Gambling houses and bordellos were the staple of these small and camp towns. One of the worst was a still-thriving town south of Big Spring called Forsan. The unofficial motto of Best, Texas was, "The town with the best name and the worst reputation". LOL. Today Odessa has apparently taken all their places. Hahaha.
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