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Re: VFR1200X Owners Thread

I just wrapped up a road trip on the beast and I have to say it did exceptionally well. So Dallas Tx, to Huntington Beach Ca, San Diego, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Moab, Durango, Dallas. 3990 miles in 12 days. 1 sore *** and 1 set of tires dead.

I left Dallas at 6am Friday and shut down about 10 pm Phoenix time. Just under 18 hours and shy of 1100 miles. Slept on the floor, got up and knocked out the remaining 450 miles to Cali. Elapsed time 33.5 hours for 1500 miles. The bike was awesome It just really didn't care, 90-95 through the desert loaded like a rented mule. I have the 48l Givi outbacks and 40l(?) tailbag then a dry bag with tent etc. I am also of superior dimensions.

The Scorpions started wearing funny just outside Fort Worth and were really toasted by Phoenix. But I pressed on to Cali ordering PR4T's to be drop shipped in San Diego. I "worked" there a couple days and a buddy from Vancouver rode his Harley down to meet me. We drank a lot of beer and headed to San Diego to get the 3rd guy on an FZ07.

I had the tires swapped and hit Lyon's Valley road. Better than the Dragon in my opinion. Then did the Midway carrier tour and headed to Old Town for Mexican (margarita's).

The next day it was a long winding ride to camp in the desert north of Joshua tree. Then a daily trip to Hoover Dam, the the Grand Canyon and up to Arches Nat Park in Moab. We did between 250-350 miles a day. Tented, hoteled, drank copious beer. We separated at Moab and I headed to Durango via Ouray, absolutely OMG beautiful.

I was planning on staying in Durango a couple days but the weather came in so I pressed on to Sante Fe. Santa Fe to Dallas was 660 miles 640 in the rain and cold (50F). Hey it's cold when the temperature jumped 30+ degrees literally in 10 miles when I cleared the rain.

So the factory heated grips, suck. But they functioned way better than not having them.

Suspension, not fantastic better seemed better sorted loaded.

Seat not bad for 8-9 hours but by day 6 I had a Walmart memory foam cushion added. I'd like to bash the seat but I don't think my *** has ever found one up to that level of endurance.

Engine, wow, just wow. My favourite for this duty to date. Getting to like the "growl"!

DCT, awesome. Pulling into LA stop and go and go traffic after 1500 miles and some 24 ish hours of saddle time, it was a life saver.

So 7 months 9500 miles I think it may be a keeper.
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