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Re: Super Duke disaster

Sorry to hear about the SD. Hope KTM does the replacement for you.

I changed the oil in my AT last week and got bit by the old oil filter gasket sticking to the engine. I have only changed the oil once before and, when I saw the black ring where the filter screwed on, I couldn't remember if it was there on the first change. I wiped it off fairly hard and it didn't move so I thought it was supposed to be there. Needless to say, once I got everything back together with the new oil in it and cranked it up, 4 of the 4.3 quarts ended up on the skid plate and the garage floor. After a lengthy cleanup session, removal of the old gasket, and 4 new quarts of oil, everything is back to normal. Glad I didn't try to ride it before checking things out. Good thing is my garage floor will never rust.

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