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Re: Adventure Breakfast & Ride - Sat 7/15/17 @ 9a at the Backyard Bistro in Pipe Cree

Originally Posted by SpiritAtBay View Post
9, NINE riders showed up at the Bistro this morning.

Even tho every time a new rider showed up, there was a brief bout of consternation at the absence of our learless feeder, (got to rub it in a little, Sander!) we enjoyed some good food and camaraderie. Afterward, folks split off in different groups.

Three of us (myself, James and Bill) took Old School rd to Center Point, then went our separate ways.
Had I known...good turnout for a hot summer day...See y'all at the next one in August, the 19th in Utopia at The Lost Maples Cafe.

2018 Adventure Rider Breakfast Series & Ride Calendar HERE
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