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Re: Insurance Advice

Originally Posted by jetdr21 View Post
I`m dropping the Gecko. Just got my renewal almost fainted at the amount for 3 bikes 2 with liability only.. A DR650, KTM 500 liability only and a Yam S-10 full coverage. Who do you guys recommend???
Ive been payin $450+ a year on a 3 bike policy with Dairyland.... Coverage similar to your coverage
S10 - liability collision & comp $50k property $100k 300k bodily w passenger
Wee Strom & Versys - liability only

The other day I dropped the Versys & added the major change
Wanted to add the Husky...but would hafta switch to a 4 bike policy....

I just got the quote back on all 4 bikes
S10 - same liability coll & comp
Strom Scrambler & Terra - all liability only

$309 a year for 4 bikes vs $490 for 3 !!! ??Its a weird weird world

My Dairyland policy comes up for renewal on the 22nd
Im thinkin of adding better coverage on the Ten
UPDATE.... I talked to my agent about various upgrades...
Vehicle replacement is only avail on 3yr old or newer ..that leaves me out!
Uninsured motorist bumps the policy from $309 to $600+ per year!!
Adding Coll & comp to the Strom is only $60 xtra a year

My car insurance has always been pretty reasonable thru Liberty or Travellers on all those old 87-91 Camrys Ive had
Liability was under $325 a year
But when I started driving the 2014 Camry with full coverage....$1000+

I switched to Farm Bureau.... $600 full for a year

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