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Re: Around the Bend - March 22-25, 2018

Originally Posted by JohnK View Post
I found this video on ADVrider (fast forward to min 12:03). Video of Godzilla Hill we did on Friday on GSADV bikes. We rode from the other direction coming down from top of the steep hill. Looking down from the top was scary enough, let alone riding down... Surely the scariest thing I ever did on a motorcycle. The video doesn't really convey the feeling of the actual steepness but it is what I found. I have some footage I am putting together and should post it later in the week.

3 BigDog2015Southwest - YouTube
John - here you go. You and Cody descending Godzogorilla...or whatever Richard wants to call it. I could be wrong, but it looks like maybe you've both sorta got your feet down:

Track ending at the Rio Grande, on one of the two or three "do-overs" we found with Richard's gpx file. Was it guaranteed?

The first creek bed crossing after heading down Chispa Rd (which also resulted in a do-over up and down the sand bank after running into a gate):

Here's a snapshot of that drone that was shadowing us as we neared the Rio Grande:

By the way, Mark Johnson said he broke two bones in his leg and will have surgery tomorrow.

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