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Mad Scientist Tire Academy

Casona Tricepilot offers a free practice clinic on manual tire installation, removal and flat repair. This was originally mainly for tubed dirt bike tires but now has expanded to include tubeless tire flat repair.

It's important to note WE DO NOT USE TIRE STANDS OR MECHANICAL TIRE DEVICES at this academy - it's all done like you'll need to do it - on the trail or roadside, with the tools you have with you. If you just want new rubber on your bike, take it to a service place. If you want to gain the knowledge on how to be confident with dealing with tire problems on a trip in the middle of nowhere, that's what this is about.

The Mad Scientist Tire Academy covers:

What to pack in your tire kit and where to mount it on your bike. Free printed list of tire related tools that we'll laminate and you can take with you.

Tire removal and installation by hand using spoons and windex. That's right, windex.

Why Slime and Ride-On tire sealant are NOT your friends IMHO (but if they're YOUR friends, that's fine)

Patching 101 - why that tiny pack of tube patches is your best friend

Plugging away - tire plug and string kits and how to use them for your tubeless tire flats.

PRACTICE BEFORE YOU GO: Guided practice on YOUR bike before that big trip, so you have the confidence that YOU can handle all your tire problems on your trip of a lifetime, and not be that guy.

Ask yourself:

Can you remove the wheel on your dirt bike and remove and replace or remove and patch the tube?

Do you carry what you need with you or do you rely upon other riders to provide "the stuff"?

Don't be That Guy on your next off road adventure!

GPS coordinates for Casa Tricepilot: N 29.58023, W098.26058

Recommended Flat Tire Kit

Tire Changing Videos (3)

Bonus Session: Chain Tool Video

Front Page shots:

The Mad Scientist Tire Academy is now franchised! Here are our brothers who have extended an offer to assist you in YOUR area with practice and tips on your motorcycle tire skills:

Austin area:

Originally Posted by greeneggs&ham View Post
Tricepilot, I would be willing to give a school, if we could find two or three people in this area who wanted to get better. I do have a great kit that I carry with me on rides.

Houston area:

Originally Posted by Meriden View Post
I'd also be available if someone wants a second pair of eyes when I'm in SW Houston or La Grange. Can't say I'm always around, but when I am I'm willing to help. Give me a shout.
Gonzales area:

Originally Posted by JMZ View Post
I can assist in flat repair around Gonzales or transport a bike
Bastrop area:

Originally Posted by RollingJ View Post
I can host a clinic in Bastrop some time, if anybody is interested.

I even have a spare front rim and old tires and tubes for practice before trying it out on the working bike.

Trice, if you are going to give me a title, I request "Second Vice-Secretary for the Assistant to the Dean of the College of Schrader Valve Depression" or SVSADCSVD for short.
Are you possessed with Mad Skills?? Volunteer to be a tire mentor in your area! When you do, post up in this thread, and I'll add you to the faculty!
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